About me

Born in Vietnam (1973), raised in France, started my career in USA and now living and working in Hong-Kong.

I have a pure heart and that's all that matters. I'm honest to my love, obedient to my family, and loyal to my friends. I'm a dreamer who likes to create things that last. Those words define me : Creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, internet, e-commerce, leadership, passion.

My Work


Mobifrance is the original, independent source of business intelligence on France's mobile industry and provides in-depth and original coverage via news reports, analytical articles, streaming video and audio programs. Mobifrance staff are experienced, tech-savvy professional journalists and business analysts based in France and abroad..


w3sh is a lifestyle, fashion, technology and entertainment online magazine. As an established brand, w3sh is an opinion leader for cutting edge products and services..


MaxiMobileShop is the leading french online retailer and manufacturer of smartphone accessories, powering a growing network of e-commerce stores that offer a wide selection of products, rapid fulfillment, and knowledgeable expert support.


BrainWizz is the company behind all my activities. I'm the founder and Executive Director. We have been in the mobile industry business for 10 years and we have offices in France, Hong Kong and USA (New York).